Friday, November 6, 2009

Obviously The Military Needs More Guns

The recent shootings at fort hood were tragic and there can only be one way to prevent another tragedy like this from happening. The military needs more guns. It's a well know fact, at least to this guy I know, that owning guns prevents gun crime. If criminals know that you have a gun, they would be crazy to come after you. Unless they know you are sleeping, in the bathtub, on the toilet, or doing anything besides standing at your door armed and ready to pop the first mother'fer who tries anything. If only the military base at Fort Hood had been armed? If only the general hadn't purposely ignored the possibility that he could be attacked at anytime by someone who worked at the base and went psychotic. He could have put heavily armed guards at the entrance who could have prevented jackshit. Or had a response team ready which could have responded before the police got there.

Alot of things should have happened in a heavily armed base with roughly twenty thousand soldiers on it that didn't. Many people have asked the question about what is better, keeping weapons in the house with the chance of that weapon being used against me and my family or taking the chance that we could be attacked while we are defenceless. Well I don't think a better point could be made than to mention that you can't really stock more weapons than Fort Hood.

America doesn't need more or fewer small scale gun control laws. It needs an actual system to regulate gun producton and ownership in the country. I have always made the argument that --

"if you think that a person should be allowed to keep guns in their house as long as they are willing to accept the possibility that it will be used on them instead of a criminal, then you should also be willing to allow a person to use any narcotic he wants to as long as he doesn't hurt anyone else while he is intoxicated."

-- and i stand by that. People should be allowed to protect their homes, but every weapon in the country should be registered and resale would be prohibited except through properly documented transfers of ownership. Every gun crime should be traceable to the owner of the weapon and we should take the risks involved in gun ownership seriously. Remember, if you think that more guns can protect you from gun crime, ask yourself if you can out-gun the army.

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